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Angel Business Partners provides a comprehensive business solution to enterprises that wish to penetrate the Israeli market. In addition to our interdisciplinary team of leading experts who are available as client advisories on every aspect of their specialization, each client is assigned a personal customer success manager, who is dedicated to promoting their goals and identifying the most suitable and lucrative business partners. As part of Angel & Angel Group, our clients also leverage off the Group’s extensive financial, tax and legal experience, and wide-spread network.

Our services

Business development and Marketing

We assist enterprises in defining their vision, goals, and mission statement. Once ascertained, we develop a strategy for penetration into the Israeli market, including identifying business partners and clients and formulating a business plan. The second phase includes formulation of financial and marketing plans and conducting market and product research. Once a product has been successfully launched, we provide extensive CRM services.

HR offshore services in israel

Human Resources

We assist clients in recruiting and managing professional staff to work in synergy with both Israeli and offshore management. Our team is highly experienced in the entire relocation process, from applying for work permits, contracts, insurance and Israeli work visas – to securing homes, educational institutions, and private vehicles. As part of our ongoing consultation service, we offer mindfulness-approach guidance, as well as coaching, to enhance business focus and reduce stress.

Financial offshore services in Israel

Finance & Accounting

Our professional staff provides a comprehensive range of financial management outsourcing services, including registration and representation before the tax authorities, establishment of offshore accounts, handling of bank financing, accounting and capital management services, and internal audits.

Legal offshore sevices in Israel

Legal & Taxes

As part of our all-inclusive philosophy, we also provide legal advisory services to enterprises operating within the scope of both short-term and long-term projects in Israel. This comprehensive service includes establishing an offshore company or fiscal representative, writing contracts or agreements, managing M&A processes, and more.

Adminisration logistics services in Israel

Logistics & Administration

We want our clients to be able to focus on what they do best, and therefore offer them supporting services in the areas of administration and logistics. Our familiarity and experience with Israel on both regional and national levels, together with our esteemed reputation, enable us to promptly locate business offices and attain a business address. Other services include business branding, secretarial and collection services, and handling of customs, shipping and storage.

Our values

Your added value


Having guided leading entrepreneurs and technological companies, we have caught the Start-Up Nation bug and are constantly updating our service offerings.

Global Outlook

Founded with an emphasis on thinking globally, our team is multi-lingual and has incomparable expertise in bridging cultural gaps.


Building on Angel & Angel Group's four decades of experience and knowledge-building, we are always up-to-date with the latest professional developments.


We strive to provide our clients with the optimal value using our unified business solutions and extensive professional networking.


In keeping with Angel & Angel Group's accounting background, we examine every aspect of a client’s business down to the smallest detail.


We are business-success oriented. Our clients’ goals are our goals and we focus on accomplishing them successfully.


We provide each client with a customized service plan and respond quickly to changes in the client’s needs or in the business environment.


Knowing that our support is always available through all communication channels enables our clients to focus confidently on their core business.


They say sharing is caring. We do more than just share our knowledge with our clients. We make sure that they always feel at home in Israel, both personally and professionally.


We aspire to make the Israeli market accessible to business entities, individuals and organizations throughout the globe. Our focus is on helping our clients penetrate the Israeli market easily and successfully collaborate with the local business community and authorities. We are constantly widening our scope of services in order to provide our clients with solutions to every aspect of their business activities in Israel, thereby promoting their goals, interests and objectives.

our team

Meet the people behind Angels Business Partners

Ofir Angel

Strategic & Business Development, Director

Yaniv Angel

International Taxation, Director

Tali Kessler

Corporate & Legal

Esti Rabinovitch

HR & Organizational Development

Katy Elmaliah

International Commercial & Labour Litigation

Anat Calif

Customs & Import

Lior Hadad

Transfer Pricing & Valuation

Iris Ziv

HR & Mindfulness Based Business Success

Eyal Price

IP & Trade Marks

Amir Kahani

Sales and Marketing