Wellcome to Angel & Angel Consultants


Angel & Angel Consultants was founded with the purpose of assisting international entities and businessmen in developing their business in Israel, providing guidance to businesses penetrating the Israeli market and supplying expert and experienced consultation in matters pertaining to doing business in Israel.

By joining hands with top consultants in their field of expertise, we help our clients solve the most complex business challenges they encounter when entering new business arenas. Our added value is realized via the close professional partnership we nurture with our experts, as well as our ability to allocate and integrate the right advisor within a specific project.

Angel & Angel Consultants is a part of Angel & Angel Group – an Israeli CPA and tax expertise firm that specializes in global taxation, legal practice and accounting. Angel & Angel Group is a member of Antea – an international association of independent firms providing auditing, consulting, tax and legal advice. Antea is comprised of members from 60 countries with more than 200 offices all over the world, thus providing Angel & Angel Consultants with an ability to speak their clients’ international language.

About Us

Angel & Angel Consultants is a new joint venture established by service suppliers in different fields of expertise. Our goal is to provide integrated management and consulting services to entities, organizations, companies and private businessmen developing their business in Israel. Together, we will illustrate your vision, examine your challenges and outline the route that will enable you to achieve your business goals.

Whether guiding, consulting or brainstorming with our clients, our integrated team combines innovative business management approaches with a deep expertise in traditional fields of expert practice. We offer our clients embracing business challenges in Israel a unique approach: to integrate diverse fields of practice, such as HR & business consulting for IT companies, business planning & mindfulness in business, M&A & organizational development and more.

Angel & Angel Consultants’ unique structure enables us to allocate the right team, with the relevant experience and expertise, to each of our clients – providing the best course of action in Israel’s business arena.