Welcome to Angel Group.

Angel Group is a leading firm specializing in providing various services ranging from complicated tax planning, accounting, auditing to business and management consulting. We provide professional services to industrial and commercial companies, start-up companies, family-owned businesses and self-employed, capital owners, philanthropies, public and governmental entities, public benefit companies, NPOs and more.

Angel Group is proud to be a member and exclusive representative of Antea in Israel – an international alliance of independent firms of auditing, consulting, tax and legal advice. Antea’s members are spread over 60 countries and more than 200 offices all over the world, with a strong presence in Europe and Latin America. Our close working relations with Antea members enable us to provide our clients with access to worldwide database. We specialize in professional consulting in international taxation issues, such as income tax, VAT, capital gains tax on real estate and in accounting, legal and business management issues.

Our vision is to lead consulting and taxation in global business area, to provide a package of various services by supplying added value to our clients, providing high-level services, commitment and responsibility. There is nothing that important to us more than sharing business success with our clients.

Our Services

Angel Group invites you to enjoy our various range of services, starting from day-to-day practical issues ending with strategical consulting in Israel and world business arena. Our ability to provide professional, credible, quality services in one-to-one approach, deep understanding in business world and membership in Antea-international enable us to derive the best from our expertise in various services:

Accounting and Auditing

Accounting and auditing are the heart of any business. We’re committed to deliver a first-class professional and credible auditing and assurance service to all our clients – from sole proprietorships to multi-state and international corporations, receives the highest level of attention and professional service. We combine a knowledge we collected over the years with advanced management tools in our professional solutions, complying with the law, changing regulation and global dynamic markets. Our dedicated team is trained constantly by participating and organizing professional seminars and workshops according to changing regulatory environment.

We consolidate, edit and audit annual financial statements and personal reports, prepare expert opinions for the court, prepare capital declaration, submit reports to tax authorities as required by law, and provide internal, operational and investigative auditing to our clients. In addition, we offer our clients bookkeeping services, payroll, cash flow and budget planning and assistance in arbitraging and e-banking processes. Don’t hesitate and contact our experts in Angel Group!

Taxation solutions

Business men, company owners, individuals, employees and self-employed deal with tax issues not only at the end of the fiscal year, but also during the life cycle of the business. Exposure to regulation changes, penetration to new market, sell and purchase of tangible and intangible assets, implementation inheritance in Israel and abroad require revision of tax structure of the company and individual’s obligations to tax authorities.

A wise tax strategy enable to derive the maximum from company’s profits and to maximize its cash flow. We offer our clients local and international tax solutions, such as: business establishment with the tax authorities, fiscal representation, capital declaration preparation, reports submitting to tax authorities, pre-ruling procedure, transfer pricing, voluntary disclosure procedures, trusts and funds, VAT issues, tax benefits for returning residents and new immigrants, tax planning for inheritances from Israel and abroad, relocation, local and international tax planning.

At our first meeting we will understand the tax and accounting issue, analyze and collect the relevant documentation, then we will build taxation strategy for short and long run which will enable to manage your cash flow wisely and effectively. Our team of accountants knows how to put taxes to work for you, so don’t hesitate and contact our experts in Angel Group!

Business Consulting

The main difference between managing old and new businesses, is that more complicated issues arise at an old one. The newer a business is, it is more difficult to synchronize between a vision, budget and business reality.  Angel Group’s experts have vast experience in analyzing and dealing with different kinds of companies not only as consultants, but also as business partners.

While expanding a business abroad, our consultants in Israel and abroad support our clients from the moment of decision, through building penetration strategy, moving overseas, establishment of sales and marketing structure; to finance and strategy coverage by analyzing aspects of accounting, legal, administrative and operations and day-to-day management.

We are aware of the fears and uncertainties of the business owners and know how to provide a supportive shoulder during management improvement and efficiency process. We have set ourselves the goal of providing a multi-disciplinary consulting, ongoing support and assistance at all stages of the business life cycle, from formulation, construction and operation, including building strategy, consolidation of working procedures and implementing recommendations in all areas of activity. We consider our relationship with clients a strategic partnership, providing them expertise, responsiveness and cost-effective solutions in tune with each client’s needs and objectives.

Global business development

Entry into foreign markets can bring the business to impressive achievements, only if you do it right. Deep understanding of business environment, balanced resources and careful planning of moves are key to success. Angel Group team has partners and colleagues around the world who are experts in the fields of law, tax, accounting, and companies’ establishment abroad are experienced in companies’ management. We prepare the ground for transactions or business processes, checking all the nuances and possibilities and pave the way to optimal operation. In number of thematic steps we plan the move or deal in advance, thereby saving money and improving the company’s cash flow.

As part of business development services, Angel Group offers its clients detailed study of foreign competitors, regulation and commercial environment, negotiating with potential clients, building pricing model and planning precise timetable of next operations. We are our client’s a tax and financial partner for business success in Israel and the world!

Strategical advanced solutions

Fast developing of business arena requires re-examination of company’s policies and strategies frequently. In order to utilize business opportunities, it is necessary to make a quick, knowledgeable, with to a long-term vision decision. We recommend a course of action in the establishment of a company in Israel and abroad, ways to deal with the tax authorities and bureaucracy in Israel and abroad, planning business steps and their implementation. In order to break the glass ceiling and make a quantum leap in the way to desired financial results and activities expansion, we recommend our clients to consult with our experts in strategy, taxation, business, accounting and law issues.

In order to achieve a desirable result we learn our clients’ business, analyze business environment and together, as true partners, we will take the way of challenges and new goals. Our clients benefit from our expertise, focus on business management, strategy consolidation, through creative thinking to build an organized plan of action. Together we will realize our client’s vision, broke boundaries and built a realistic work plan for achieving the goals.



Our Sectors

Angel Group provides taxation accounting and strategic services in following sectors:

Real estate and infrastructure

Real estate sector is one of the most profitable and complicated industries in the Israeli economy. Business and regulatory environment of the industry affects the entire economy. Real estate and infrastructure department is the core business of Angel Group. Our experts specialize in providing designated and diversified services to corporations, entrepreneurs, and contractors engaged in real estate and infrastructure sectors.

Renewable energy

As a part of Angel Group's expertise, we provide services for companies operating in the clean tech and renewable energy sectors. We accompany enterprises in renewable energy sector which is characterized by complex regulatory environment, special tax aspects, business models and complex project structure. Our team has excel comprehension in processes, expertise in Israeli and international regulation, creative and innovative thinking and a deep knowledge of legislation.

Hi-tech and innovation

The trend of fast technology development in Israel and all over the world is the basis for business and scientific cooperation between Israeli and foreign companies and entities. The combination of innovation and entrepreneurship constitutes a fertile ground for the increasing of start-ups in Israel, supported by foreign investors, venture capital funds and government programs. In order to deal with dynamic business hi-tech and biotech environment, it is required special skill to withstand accounting, taxation, technology, IT issues at professional managerial level.

Traditional industry

As a part of the Group's core services, expert team of Angel Group, deal with complex issues of traditional industrial sector which is rapidly developed last decade. Accounting, taxation and management of traditional industry, high-tech enterprises government's support, and the integration of traditional industry with innovative market activity require specific expertise and understanding of government's incentives and exemptions.

Commercial business

Due to canceling restrictions on import and imposing of tax exemptions on international trade, commercial and international trade sector has exposed to global competition. Our team of experts are specializing in economic strategic thinking in the context of challenging business environment, including marketing and sales by web, trade in digital world, and e-commerce apps.

NPOs and philanthropy

Angel Group's vast experience and understanding of NPOs and philanthropy sector contribute to our clients operating in "third sector" and recently developed "forth sector" organizations. Our experts assist in all phases of business activity from the organization planning and the establishment of operations, to assistance in ongoing process of donations sourced in Israel and abroad, treatment in documentation and certification, and assistance with the tax authorities regarding tax exemptions and government benefits.

Family-owned business

Angel Group has vast unique personal experience in managing family-owned business. In order to take a right decision while managing a family-owned business, the business owners are expected to leverage their family advantage in order to bring their business to prosperity and success. But it is not always a simple mission. Angel Group is glad to share its personal experience, since partner managers share the same roots.


Our professional team's aim is to meet self-employed, professionals and individual needs, while keeping with the highest quality standards. Our comprehensive portfolio of tailored services offers our clients wide range of services starting from ongoing accounting, through voluntary disclosure, trusts, bilateral treaties, double taxation, securities taxation, capital declaration, residency for tax purposes, relocation, inheritances, consulting and support in any financial delicate issue.

Companies and enterprises

We provide wide range of accounting, taxation and consulting services to companies and enterprises. Auditing and assurance, corporate reconstruction, mergers and acquisition, strategical planning and feasibility study are only a little part of our services we provide to companies and enterprises. Our corporate clients use our vast knowledge and experience in dealing with complicated international tax issues; business, financial and economic challenges in order to achieve their goals.

The companies in Angel & Angel Group

Senior Management

Yaniv Angel

Senior Partner

Mr. Yaniv Angel has been a CPA since 2011. As a business manager of Ange Group, he is responsible for operations of the Group, treat corporate clients and special projects. Yaniv is an expert in Israeli and international taxation, accounting and audit services. He specialist in  tax and accounting solutions for business trade sector, tax solutions for complicated real estate business transactions, intellectual property at media and technology sectors, expert opinions in banking and financial sectors.

He graduated his studies with Dean’s Honor, has M.B.T. (Master in Business Taxation) and B.A. with major in accounting and business management from College of Management.  Yaniv is a lecturer in taxation in different educational institutes, forums, courses and workshops in Israel and abroad.


Yossi Angel

Senior Partner

Mr. Yossi Angel has been a CPA, internal auditor and tax consultant since 1981. Yossi established t, Angel & Angel CPA in 1981 in Jerusalem and outlined key features of the family business over the years. Yossi is an expert in auditing, accounting and taxation; a lecturer in taxation in higher education institutes, an author of Angel’s dictionary for the business world and a book series of Carta’s dictionary for businesses. Mr. Yossi Angel has M.B.A. with major in accounting and B.A. in political science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Ofir Angel

Senior Partner

Mr. Ofir Angel has been a practicing CPA and business consultant since 1999. Mr. Ofir Angel founded Angel Group in 2010 and outlined the unique feature of the Group as a boutique firm offering a wide range of highest caliber of sophisticated services and professional insight. Ofir is an expert in international and local taxation, designer of complicated and innovative tax strategic solutions, business developer and consultant while taxation and finance strategy are key elements for business success.

Ofir manages business activity of Angel Group and responsible for business development in Israel market and abroad. Ofir earned his M.B.A., specializing in financial management from Tel Aviv University and B.A. specializing in accounting and business management from College of Management, Tel Aviv. Since 2015 Ofir has served as a director of Antea international, while Angel Group is an exclusive representor of the Alliance in Israel.

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